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15 Most Promising Smart City Startups - 2019

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” This quote by Albert Einstein perfectly resonates the present times, where technology has taken the front seat and is driving the transition towards a ‘smart’ world. Today, governments and businesses are promoting the concept of ‘smart cities,’ it involves deploying the various components of Internet-of-Things (IoT) such as sensors and networks to improve the quality of life, and efficiency of the urban population.

While governments are boosting it because the natural resources are depleting and it is high time to use them judiciously, as for the businesses, the sector is booming; hence, more opportunities to encash or generate more revenue. Many new start-ups have pooled in the market that is still at a nascent stage. Leveraging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, start-ups as well as other organizations are continually pushing the limits to make the machines better so that the overall infrastructure of the city can be robust. From transportation system to homes to utility management, new IoT solutions are bringing a seismic shift.

However, with all the hype, there is a rise in the number of innovative solutions coming to the market. Need thus arises not only to be aware of various advancements happening in the field but also to choose the right solution in the quest to achieve higher efficiency and financial goals. To assist organizations with the same, the editorial board at StartupCity has selected a handful of promising smart city start-ups that are redefining the ways and are setting benchmarks with their offerings. We have considered the vendor’s ability in delivering solutions; keeping in mind, the factors like the expertise in the domain, competencies, and the impact of the solution on the finances.

We present to you StartupCity’s “15 Most Promising Smart City Start-ups- 2019”.

    Most Promising Smart City Startups

  • Specializes in real-time AI technology that automatically mines data from water meters, sensors, SCADA, process equipment, distribution and collection systems, and lab data

  • Solutions powered by the Chordant platform address the fundamental challenges in smart city deployments

  • With its patent-pending IoT sensors with cloud, wireless software technologies to convert existing stand-alone devices into smart cloud-enabled devices, NousLogic’s IoT products target applications in commercial/residential buildings’ smart access, hospital/public health RTLS, and remote health monitoring markets

  • BreezoMeter


    BreezoMeter is an enterprising startup that is helping governments and corporates with smart services and solutions that provide air quality data in a simple and easy to understand manner



    CARMERA is a Smart City solution provider that operates an owned and professionally crowd sourced vehicular sensor network, which gathers continually updated 3D scene, change detection and analytics data

  • CivicSmart


    Specializes in the development and delivery of innovative Smart City solutions with a focus on Smart Parking

  • Cleverciti


    Provides solutions that enhance convenience, build loyalty, and boost engagement, allowing users to maximize ROI and streamline the parking experience

  • Compology


    Offers modern waste ecosystem through their software platform that streamlines operations, enhances customers’ service, and simplifies analysis

  • Coord


    Provider of valuable data to government agencies, architects, engineers, and construction firms to build and regulate transportation infrastructure

  • Digi.City


    Provider of a platform designed to inform, inspire and connect leaders as cities advance in the digital age

  • N3N


    Provides operations visualization platform that seamlessly converges data from sensors, video feeds, connected devices and more in a unified view for real-time actionable insights

  • Quantela


    Provides a digital platorm-Atlantis, for optimizing and automating urban infrastructure operations

  • Qucit


    Provides a platform, based on a proprietary machine learning algorithm that integrates multiple data sources to improve cities

  • Remix


    Provider of a platform that brings together the entire transportation picture such as public transit, streets, and the abundance of new mobility options

  • RoadBotics


    Provider of objective road assessments to over 100 customers across the world and help them fix the right roads at the right time