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Hoang Nhu, Founder & CEO, NousLogicHoang Nhu, Founder & CEO A smart city is an urban setting that leverages wireless technologies with low-power sensors, embedded firmware, cloud services with data analytics/ML/AI to optimize services, businesses’ operational efficiency and to enhance the lives of residents that inhabit it. Internet of Things(IoT), is the key technology behind making a city smart. It enables real-time communication between different devices or “things” to offer advanced security, safety, service efficiency as well as highest quality of health services to the smart city. Set against such a backdrop is NousLogic, an IoT cloud technology product and services company, which has developed IoT applications for commercial/residential buildings’ smart access and smart hospitals, home health monitoring markets, which form an integral part of smart city initiatives. The word ‘nous’ means practical intelligence and has been rightly named for an organization that upholds the vision of making urban settlements smarter. With the use of wireless sensors, NousLogic’s mission is to efficiently convert existing, stand-alone devices into cloud-enabled smart IoT devices to collect their relevant real-time data to provide businesses and consumers with intelligence on the 5W’s - Who, What, Where, When, and Why- using data analytics and Machine Learning.
A wide range of example applications using sensors from NousLogic’s rich IP portfolio include public health, hospital’s hand-sanitizer dispensers, smart access control and management (smart doorlock/gate and garage controller/video doorbell), AC energy management, RTLS asset tracking/pet tag, to remote medication-adherence monitoring.

The company’s Smart Building flagship product is Watchman Smart Access all-in-one platform that includes Reach Me Smart Video Doorbell tag, Watchman Smart DoorLock, and Watchman Smart Garage Controller. With hardware-certifications by Google and Apple HomeKit and supporting Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, these cloud-enabled devices are backward compatible with existing stand-alone doorbells, door locks, and garage openers but offer innovative smartphone-based remote monitoring, control and IFTTT-automation capabilities. Via patent-pending NFC/QR-based webapp and cloud services, system cost is highly optimized both in hardware cost, and simple, low DIY installation cost.

With ReachMe Smart Video Doorbell NFC/QR tag posted on your front door, any visitor can tap their NFC-enabled phone (or scan the QR code) to video-call you instantly, anonymously. At two orders of magnitude cheaper than other hardware video doorbells, this phone-based solution offers affordable peace of mind to a much larger number of tenants, homeowners in your smart city, knowing they can be contacted anytime, anywhere when there is any emergency in their neighborhood or at their house front doors.

Besides automatic facial recognition, another useful feature of the NFC/ QR tag is NousLogic patent-pending “virtual keypad” webapp- the visitor does not have to install any app-that allows guests to enter time-limited digital access code to unlock the doorlock or garage door. With webapp and cloud services “secret sauce”, these versatile NFC/QR tags can even be quickly reconfigured to replace your existing garage keypad or even your garage remote in your car.

NousLogic’s Watchman Smart “Plug and Play” lock can be mounted over the existing interior thumb-turn door latch without the need to use any screwdriver to replace or remove any part of your existing deadbolt lock. Equally low-cost and simple to install via DIY, Watchman Gate/Garage controller is another component of NousLogic’s phone NFC/voice-based Smart access platform that supports remote monitoring and control.

Our vision is to back the smart building/smart hospital initiatives through our innovative IoT cloud, wireless software and sensor technologies

Working seamlessly with ReachMe Smart Doorbell/Virtual Keypad tag to share flexible, temporary access codes for visitors, guests to securely gain access, Watchman Smart Access all-in-one platform offers new capabilities for both “old economy” businesses (e.g. real estate agents, FedEx delivery) and emerging “shared economy” such as AirBnb rental, coworking offices, dog-walking, caregiving, “Amazon Key” home delivery services. With such simplicity in DIY installation of the doorbell tag/lock/gate controller, and powerful webapp/cloud services launched via a simple tap of visitors’ phones on the NFC/QR tag, NousLogic’s all-in-one Smart Access platform has the potential to disrupt the existing audio-intercom or costly 24/7 security guard service at gated communities with its video, automation and upcoming facial recognition capabilities.

Besides posting the SmartTag on your front door for use as a Smart video doorbell, the same NFC/QR tag can be attached to any assets (luggage, car, pet) you would like to track in case they are lost or need your attention. As an example, until now, there has been no quick and simple way for bystanders to contact car owners in real-time during an emergency, like hit and run, or the police towing the car. However, with the tag on the windshield, anybody can anonymously, without having to install an app, video call the car owner.

NousLogic’s innovative approach to convert any traditional stand-alone device to smart IoT device has resulted in the company’s selection into Upward Labs 6-month pilot program starting May 2019 in Hartford, Connecticut, USA. With smart buildings and aged healthcare for the elderly and disabled as the key areas of focus, Nhu and his team are going to deploy their flagship Watchman Smart Building Access platform and Remote Health Monitoring products & services at pilot corporate partners’ facilities in Connecticut. “Our vision is to back the smart building/smart hospital initiatives through our patented integrated cloud, wireless platform, which will result in higher security, optimized operational efficiency for both commercial/ residential buildings as well as higher quality of health services for elderly people,” says Hoang Nhu, founder and CEO of NousLogic, adding further that since Hartford is the insurance capital of the world, this program is a big deal for them.

Solutions to Provide Intelligence on the 5 W’s: Who, What, Where, When, and Why

In addition to these, NousLogic other products include Watchman Universal AC/Heat pump controller with smart NEST-like thermostat features, “Do Something” Sensor (in the form of a keyfob or pendant wearable), “Open Me” Smart medication-adherence monitoring system with Smart medical ID card, and a highly advanced RTLS real-time location service platform targeting applications such as asset tracking, real time hand-hygiene monitoring in Smart hospitals. These interconnected wireless sensor-based “things” work together to offer unique benefits in a wide range of applications and scenarios:

- A failure to activate the soap dispenser (by staff upon entering a hospital’s patient room, or restaurant worker after its restroom use) would trigger a beeping tone to remind the person of hand-hygiene compliance.

- Video recording started when an asset-tracking RTLS detects an equipment removed from a zone in hospital.

- “Do something” keyfob button, when pressed or with automatic triggering in slip and fall emergency situation, can send text messages to alert remote caregiver and simultaneously unlock Watchman Smart Lock/Smart Garage to let first responder team in.

- The keyfob’s beacon signal can be used by the Smart Lock and Smart AC controller to auto-detect the departure or arrival of a person to automatically lock/unlock the door and turn off/on the AC.

- NousLogic SES “Service-Enhancement Software” tool, also based on simple NFC/ QR tagging on any asset, would connect customers, users to video tech support or to report any maintenance issues.

The new Remote Patient Monitoring program that Medicare started in January 2019 to reimburse health care providers for installing health monitoring devices at patients’ homes is a well-timed opportunity for NousLogic IoT home health platform. The platform includes OpenMe Smart Medication System and Smart Medical Card that enable family members or caregivers to stay in touch with elderlies and track their daily medicine dosage and health statuses. Consisting of “OpenMe” Smart Pill Bottle/ Pill Box and a Smart Hub to tackle the medication non-adherence problem, NousLogic Smart Medication System monitors, logs and reminds people to take their medications timely and send reminders to patients or their caregivers. The product also sends overdose warning and refills reminder, and Alexa/Google Assistant’s smart voice commands for inquiries about medication intake or doses missed in a week.

NousLogic Smart Medical Card enables users to carry valuable health history, medication list and allergy, including which medication was last taken and when, based on the logs in NousLogic Smart Pill Bottle, Pill Box database that timestamps and logs all these events. These data, easily accessible via simple NFC/QR scanning, together with video call service to the patient’s doctor or caregiver, are valuable to first responder team during medical emergencies. The HIPAA compliant Smart Card also allows healthcare providers to quickly access the patient’s health records from all physicians and medical facilities that participate in his/her care via the patient portal.

Moving Towards a Bright “Voice Is The New Touch” Future

Moving forward, the founder and CEO believes that 2019 is going to be an important year where he envisions organizational growth for NousLogic. Although the company had a humble beginning with online, crowd-funded campaigns, over the years, it has won various design contests and pitch events across multiple countries. “The big breakthrough came in when Google approached us and helped us with the branding and marketing of our Google-Assistant voice-enabled Smart Access and Smart Medication-Adherence platforms,” points out Nhu.

Recently, with Google brand ambassador at its CES booth to help promote NousLogic brand, NousLogic exhibited their range of Smart IoT products and real-time location systems (RTLS) at the Consumer Electronics Show 1/2019, Las Vegas and received numerous accolades, including being selected as 1 of 10 best gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day 2019 by CTA Consumer Technology Association. The company is excited to announce Google has once again committed to partner with NousLogic to co-brand its voice-enabled products at the upcoming IFA trade show in Berlin, Germany, September 6-11, 2019, and at CES 1/2020 in Las Vegas. To conclude, Nhu brings back the simple yet revolutionary idea from where he started it all: “IoT enables us to connect everything, and we want to leverage its technologies to connect one thing at a time to build a smart city, from doorbell, doorlock, sanitizer dispenser, pet collar, car, garage, pill bottle/pill box to smart buildings, smart hospitals, smart gated communities.”

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NousLogic Smart Access, and Smart Home Health launch with Google brand ambassador at CES 2019 in Las Vegas
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